All The Info You Need

Will I need a car?

You won’t need a car over the weekend if you’re staying in Santa Monica, as it is a very walkable neighborhood and there will be shuttles taking guests from Santa Monica hotels to the wedding venue and back. If you’re staying on the west side (Venice, Marina Del Rey, Brentwood, Westwood, Bel Air, Culver City or Beverly Hills), you also don’t really need a car, as you can take a cab to Santa Monica. If you’re staying elsewhere in LA, you might want to get a car because cab fare will be expensive.

Cab companies: 
Bell Cab 888.235.5222
Beverly Hills Cab Company 800.273.6611
Checker Cab 310.300.5007
Independent Taxi 323.666.0050
United Taxi 213.483.7660
Yellow Cab Co. 310.808.1000

Cabs from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Santa Monica cost around $35.
Public transportation options include buses and a rail.

Shuttles you say?

Yes. This place is in the middle of nowhere and not only will you not want to drive back from it after a few drinks, but there is also no parking there. So on Saturday shuttles will pick you up
from Shutters on the Beach at 3pm in Santa Monica or from the First Church of Christ the Scientist parking lot in Malibu at 3:45pm. At the end of the night these same shuttles will take a tipsier, hora-ed out, hopefully generally happier version of you back to these destinations.

Where is the First Church of Christ the Scientist parking lot?

28635 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

Why are you getting married in some middle-of-nowhere place in Malibu? Why can’t you two just get married in a hotel in the regular part of LA like normal people?

When have you ever known us to be normal people?

Will there be an after party?

Pool Cabana at the Viceroy.

Will there be an after after party?

Will McGrath’s suite at the Viceroy, but he doesn't know that yet.  

What about parking?

There will be free valet parking at the Huntley for the rehearsal dinner and at the Viceroy for the after party. Just say you're there for the Haimoff/Christen wedding.

Do I have to get you a gift?

No. Schlepping all the way to Malibu is a gift in itself.


No. Of course you have to get us a gift (who raised you?) And now would be a great time for some shameless self promotion. Michelle recently co-founded a registry website with her dear friend and long-time collaborator Emily Heyward called She will let everyone know as soon as it’s up, at which point please check it out! Even if you don’t buy anything off of it, telling other people about it really is a gift in itself.

I don’t believe you.

We were serious that time.

Okay, so where are you registered in the meantime?

Ben and Michelle's Honeymoon Registry

(But please don't feel compelled to get us a gift! Ben's sister Ellen works for Williams-Sonoma so we already have all the fun kitchen stuff we could possibly want. All we ask is that you show up and have a blast!)

What else?

Shoes (this is directed at the ladies). The ground will be grassy and uneven at the wedding venue on Saturday night, so you probably won’t want to wear stilettos. Go with thicker heels or wedges. There are some really good wedges out this season:

Bergdorf’s wedges
Bloomingdale’s wedges
Saks wedges

How dressy is this thing?

Dressy! The wedding is outdoors so it's not black tie, but men should wear suits and women should wear dresses (feel free to go long or short).

Does LA get cold at night?

LA gets a little chilly at night so the ladies should bring a sweater or a shawl or something. The open bar and heat lamps should keep you toasty as well.

Will there be single people there?

Yes, so look hot. Unless you’re already married, in which case, look normal.